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and democrats, paul ryan and others leading the way, yes, in the new congress. >> they cut medicare in the health care reform bill alone. look at the numbers. chris: look at how b the situation is getting. i'm looking at debt in other countries. it's not imaginative to see our country being in trouble. >> not even in the long term. we could have a sovereign debt creation where the markets pposeimain on us in a much shorter period of time than 20 orea0 yrs from now. the point that we are making is this comes back to president obama. the republicans are not serious about deficit reduction as andrea said. democrats are not enthusiastic about it for the reasons that we know. the president is the only really serious adult in this conversation. against all of that, if he really thinks this is important, it is going to take an act of extraordinary political leadership and risk for him to do this. >> the state of the union, he should say in my view, two years, my two years of this term will be devoted entirely to tackling our long-term debt. i will take the hit. chris: you're not president,
discussion in the idea is. we have to agree leaders today to embody that, migke pence and paul ryan. they want to engage in the idea is. it is an honor to be here to enthusiasm's it is an honor to be here. for being [applause] >> thanks. let me close by saying it is the idea of trust and having a stable foundation based on personal responsibility.] that is the crux. no one sacrifices consumption if they do not believe in a greater future harvest. it is an expression of faith in the future. there are reasons to acheive ieve sound money. in the end, the cause of honest money is for reasons even more profound. in dr. runnymede -- in deuteronomy, we learn that you should have a perfect and just a measure so your days may be lengthened in the land. every bank in the late anne klein issued by the u.s. government has engraved on it "in god we trust." that should be a reminder that we should never take our money for accountable government for granted. thank you. >> he is a one-man think tank. his dramatic -- roadp map points toward fiscal sanity and economic growth. i think paul kn
in the new congress. incomi incoming paul ryan, and chris van hollen. we will ask if the dust-up with the democrats will hurt the president. and democracy from america. the view from the supreme court. we'll sit down for a rare interview with justice stephen breyer. it's a "fox news sunday" exclusive. and our power player of the week makes beautiful jewelry, she calls wearable history. all right now, on "fox news sunday". hello again from fox news in washington. congress is likely to vote this week on the controversial deal president obama worked out with republicans to extend hundreds of bilons of dollars in tax cuts. the big showdown is expected in the house where democrats are threatening to kill it. joining us now two key players. from the home state of to wisconsin, republican paul ryan who takes over as chairman of the house budget committee next month. here in washington, chris van hollen who will be the top democrat on the ecommittee. welcome back to "fox news sunday." congressman van hollen, this week, the house democratic caucus voted not to even bring this compromis
not seem to mint -- jim demint or paul ryan, but i am delighted to be here this is an issue which we have -- along with the leadership paul ryan has provided on to issue of money and the proper role of the fed, we have recently joined the battle, and we are grateful for this forum and for the leaders assembled here to have this conversation. having been invited to be the warm-up act, let me share a few basic thoughts and then yield to my debtors. first, live-in no ordinary time. our economy is struggling. unemployment is at a heartbreaking 9.8%. nearly 42 million americans are on food stamps. we have dismal gdp growth. it feels more and more to millions of americans that policy makers from capitol hill to even the central bank no less and less of what to do about it. sound money is the foundation of our prosperity, and it must be addressed. let me speak about these times and about growth in general, and i will close with a few remarks about sound money and the role of the fed. with more than 50 million people looking for work, so far president obama and others have tried to borrow and spe
. >> reporter: some believe the parties are playing ideological chicken. republican representative paul ryan of wisconsin ups the stakes. >> if the democrats in the house scuttle this deal, that will be the first thing we do is prevent these job killing tax increases retroactively after the first of the year. >> everybody should take a step back. >> reporter: on meet the press, austin goulsby made the case you can't reduce the deficit unless the economy is growing and believes the republican won't be able to renew high income tax cuts in 2012. >> in 2012 i believe they will have to stand up and defend on their own merits that they think these high income tax cuts work and they will not be able to do that because they don't. >> reporter: back on fox news sunday van hollen may have showed his hand. >> we're not going to hold this thing up at the end of the day, but we do think that simple question should be put to the test. >> reporter: and it is shaping up to be a very interesting week in washington, melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. >> that does it for us, fox 5 news always on >>
ahead. >> the potential the bill could get through the house was good news for paul ryan would said efforts to hold the legislation up over the 35% estate tax are a bad idea. >>> if what chris is saying they'll let this agreement come to a vote and won't rig the rules then we might be able to move forward so that's interesting to me. i would simply say this, look, class warfare might make for good politics but makes for rotten economics. >> paul ryan, wisconsin, the new chairman of the budget committee and white house senior adviser david axelrod made the rounds on the sunday talk shows to defuse anger from progressives and democrats in congress over the deal. >> i respect people who are unhappy. we share their view on upper income tax cuts on the estate tax. that was a part of the deal odious though it may be that we had to accept in order to get all the good things that come along with that. that's the nature of compromise so i'm sure there will be those who have a hard time getting over the hump. others we'll see that this is extraordinarily important for our economy and for peop
in the atlas economic research foundation. it york consulting your program- neither jim digman or paul ryan, but i am delighted to be here. this is an issue that's along with a longstanding leadership at congressman ryan has provided a sounder money and the proper role of a reserve, senator corporate and i have joined the battle. we are grateful for this form to have this conversation. having been invited to come over in be the warm-up act, let me share a few basic costs and yield to my betters. -- few basic thoughs, and tehn my betters. we live in difficult times. nearly 42 million americans are on food stamps. we have a housing crisis in dismal gdp growth. as we gather today in the belly of the capitol building, it feels more and more to millions of americans that policymakers from capitol hill to the white house, to even the central bank, no less and less about what to do about it. sound money is the very foundation of our prosperity. it must be addressed. before that, let me speak, if i can, about these times and about growth in general and then i will close in a few minutes with that y
committee. and in coming republican chairman, paul ryan, and, fox democrat chris van hollen who opposes the compromise and we'll ask the panel if the dust-up with democrats will help or hurt the presidents an democra. and democracy in area, we'll have a rare interview with justice stephen briar, a fox news sundays exclusive and our power player of the week, makes beautiful jewelry, she calls wearable history, all, right now, on fox news sunday. >> chris: hello again from fox news in washington. congress is likely to vote this week on the controversial deal, the president worked out with republicans, to extends hundreds of billions of dollars in tax cuts. the show down is expected in the house, where democrats are threatening to kill it. joining us now, two key players, from his home state of wisconsin, republican paul ryan, who takes over as chairman of the house budget committee, next month, and, here in washington, chris van hollen who will be the top democrat on the committee and congressmen, welcome back to fox news sunday. >> good to be with you. >> chris: this week the house democ
, to paul ryan to other republicans. >> i think on this there is not a lot of unity, let's say there are debates in the republican party right now. outside the leadership there were certainly a lot of people unhappy with this deal. a lot of people think it's-- you know, we can't pay on reducing the debt. we are not even in office and we are already exploding the debt. so there was a lot of opposition in the republican party about this deal, a lot of unease about the things they gave up. and that reflects in general, i think, some serious debates going on among republicans about how serious to be about deficit reduction and how to be serious about it. the biggest debates over whether republicans should finally take on entitlements and some of that stuff, some of the members really want to do it. the leadership, not so much. and the big thing to look for, in the next several months there are going to be a couple of huge events. first will be state of the unit which will be obama chance to redefine himself for the rest of the term. will he take up serious debt reex-- reduction. an
compromise. >> rose: so you were in a debate with paul ryan who obviously is a very smart guy who you have applauded, made a number of appearances on this program, you didn't convince him of your definition of barack obama. >> no, no, i didn't. and it's funny. you see, and he's a phenomenally smart guy. the room was filled with phenomenalfully-- phenomenally smart people. i got e-mails from phenomenally smart people but it is a firm conviction on the right, at least until this week, that obama is very left wing, very doctrineair, very inflexible and that has explained a lot-- that is the sincere belief on the right. i don't share it but it's a sincere belief and it motivates a lot of conservative behavior that they don't have anybody they can negotiate with. and republicans, and democrats, by the way, think they don't have anybody to negotiate with. i think they are both sort of right and sort of wrong. >> rose: you made a point in the column today, others have speculated whether he will go clinton's route or will he go truman's route and attack the congress. and you argued, you know, that
, and it gives in an opportunity on the one item -- tax reform, let me say a word about that. you have paul ryan on the republican side and he is very interested in tax reform. if obama will seize it, you could have, like ronald reagan and bill bradley and tip o'neill and get it done. >> there is a new bloomberg pull out, and the people in the poll are opposed to any cuts in social security. the only thing they are for is soaking the rich. >> you can do that a little bit and will get you some of the way, but you cannot balance the budget by soaking the rich. you have to cut government spending and do things differently. the minute you talk about health care, everybody says, well, don't ration health care. well, that is the only way you get health care costs under control, by action of having standards you hold people to. >> larry summers says that if we don't pass this, we will go right back into a recession. >> they bring him out to say that, to scare them to doing something. they did not have to do that. that is my concern about the way in which this gets negotiated. you get the sense that the
to in the state of the yen and raise tax reform -- union embrace tax reform. paul ryan in the house is the guy who thinks large on this. if you could have him and the president, the way you had bill bradley and ronald reagan, get together on tax reform in 1986, you could have a breakthrough. these are people who, in principle, are smart enough and principled enough to do it, if the -- >> charles is not only pollyanna, he is revisionist tax reform began with bill bradley in 1978, with calls for 1/3 tax cuts across the board. he was a scholar about it. he wrote a book in 1982. he introduced bradley- gephardt added that support all the way through 1984, when ronald reagan did not have an issue to run on, and in 1985, rostenkowski and packwood wrote it -- no, we are going to write a tax reform bill -- [unintelligible] in one year, with a president running for reelection, you are unrealistic. he says he wants to have a conversation about it. >> here's the thing, he can play a small ball and do little things to get himself reelected. or he can go for the big stuff and actually serve the country. >> is i
paul ryan is taking an honest serious look at how to tackle entitlements. >> reporter: he would preserve the system but you folks would have a new account, your own personal account. megyn: there's been very little appetite on either side to go there. john, thank you so much, sir. those little kids turned out to be fine as it turns out. the little girl stopped crying as soon as john left the room. >> reporter: no children were hurt during that tape. megyn: you can check out john stossel at 9:00pm and at midnight on the fox business network. space the final frontier, but maybe not for long, the big announcement coming from nasa on the search foray lee and life. it's about 15 minutes away right now. you'll see it here, live. plus new developments in three minutes on a real-life hollywood mystery. a suspect in the m murder of ths hollywood publicist puts a bullet in his head. he was a person of interest. just as the cops move in he kills himself, why? >> i heard cops talking in the hallway, biggest thing in beverly hills, something, something, i put the bits and pieces together. i
republicans rejecting it. the guy whose name is r yan -- >> paul ryan. >> says he accepts 85% of it. his problem is with the health-care part, which will increase our debt, so he wants to amend that paid but there is a consensus that the time has come and this will be remembered as very important. >> there is only one way this will happen, if the president of the united states says, "i am running on this for my reelection. you vote for me, we will solve this problem." he asked about a national mandate, because without that it will get picked to get -- he has to have a national mandate, because without that it would get kicked to death. >> you have to put it to recovery of the economy. you cannot do this kind of jolts when the economy is down without precipitating depression. >> he ordered a freeze on federal salaries for the next two years. what do you think of that? >> it is really a republican idea. he took it and is running with it. but again, the democrats say they should not have put it on the table so quickly, should have been negotiated. but you never put anything on the table --
and retroactively change the tax records so you would get money back for whatever more you pay, january 1st, paul ryan committed in the house we will make retroactive changes to get that money back in your pocket. >> any conditions this week obviously from the white house and we're learning about secret meetings last night, whether president obama would ask for this extension of unemployment benefits, if it's tied to this. so that seems to be the compromise. the real question, if there are a number of republicans on the record saying they would support the extension of the bush tax cuts and extension of unemployment benefits and there are a number on the record and how much of the bush tax cuts. one, two or three years, that's the question this morning. >> and the unemployment as well. will that be a couple of months or another year and also question to that. >> meanwhile, breaking news about wikileaks this morning at the rogue organization is now set to release a massive, quote, insurance file if their website is shut down or julian assange taken into custody. malini wilkes with the latest. >> r
out why it is a guy who thinks large on this -- ought to embrace tax reform. paul ryan is a guy who thinks large on this. if you could have it like bill bradley and ronald reagan in 1986, you could have a breakthrough. these are people who are smart and principled enough to do it. >> he not only pollyanna, he is religion as tax reform began in calling for tax cuts across the board. he became a scholar and student of it. he wrote a book in 1982 but he introduced bradley -gephardt in 1982. ronald reagan appointed a commission in 1985 and that led to rostenkowski and packwood writing it in 1986. series a, we're going to write a tax reform bill -- [unintelligible] in one year we have a president running for reelection, you are unrealistic. >> he could play small ball and do little tiny things to get himself reelected, or he can go for the big stuff and serve the country. >> he has done that. >> no, he has not. on the deficit and tax system, he has an opportunity to do tax reform and deficit reduction and have a national referendum in the 2012 election. >> just take a breath. it is unco
that will help thhim, and it is an opportunity on tax reform. you have paul ryan heading the budget committee on the republican side, and he is interested in tax reform. if obama will seize it, could have, lik -- you could have a moment like ronald reagan and bill bradley and tip o'neill and get it done. >> the people in this poll are opposed to cuts in social security. the only thing they are far is -- for is soaking the rich. >> you can do that a little bit, but you cannot balance the budget by soaking the rich you have to cut government spending and do things differently. the minute you talk about health care, everybody says, "well, don't ration health care." well, that is how you get health care costs under control, having standards that you hold people to. >> larry summers says that if they don't pass this, we will go right back into recession. do you agree, colby? >> they bring him out to do that just to scare people. they did not have to do that. that is my concern about how this gets negotiated. there'll be another chapter here, that this will hold -- will not hold, that what obama ha
near me again. >> i think chris christy, paul ryan, rick perry, the governor of texas. >> chris: all almost of them on this show have said they are not going to run for president but we all know that doesn't mean anything. let me ask you, nina, about somebody who i think most people consider to be the frontrunner although not necessarily a strong one and that is mitt romney. the question i have is how strong a frontrunner and how big a problem for romney his healthcare reform plan that he did as governor of massachusetts? >> it is a problem. something that people raise all the time when you raise mitt romney's name. in the same way that he has baggage, everybody else has baggage. talk about all of the frontrunners. talking about timing, you were talking about seems so early to open this election season. this time in it election cycle for the democrats last time around hillary was about to announce and barack obama was about to give his speech in february a few weeks away on the statehouse steps. what strikes me is how late everything is. yes, maybe romney will have an organization up
to do for the next two years opposed to fundamental paul ryan reform of the entitlement structure. practically speaking, not printing more money is a good thing to push the fed to do, though personally, you know, two or three, or four years from now, there needs to be a monetary policy not that i'm an expert on that because i think the current system is fundamentally fraud. i think step by step can proceed a certain kind of comprehensive rethinking of policies and of structures, monetary policy, entitlements, tax policy, taxes is the most obvious idea. i think this is happening. i'm not saying anything fancy or speculative when the conservatives will spend the next few weeks insisting on current tax rates, and they may spend the next coming session of congress doing minor things to improve some incentives for job creation and for growth, but fundamentally in 2012, i predict the presidential can date will run on a pretty big comprehensive conservative tax reform. i don't think that violates conservatives to have a tax reform. there's going to be a tax reform. you have to think comp
simpson, how do you address the criticism of somebody like paul ryan, a budget expert in the house, a fellow republican of yours -- he says this doesn't address health care. that it's too embracing of the obama health care plan. >> i think he feels strongly about that, and he also feels that when you get rid of the tax exclusion for employers who pay their employees' health insurance that the employer is going to look around and say "where do i go now? i don't get this deduction." and they're going to go to obama care. and that disturbs paul. but i'm not worried about that at all. paul is going to take 85% of this product we did today and work it into the u.s. house of representatives budget. how can you beat a deal like that? doesn't matter whether he votes for it or not. >> woodruff: likewise, you mentioned congresswoman jan shakowski. erskine bowles, she's a fellow democrat, saying the cuts in programs especially for senior citizens are too much. >> jan today is the only democrat who said they're going to vote against it and i'm fine with that she has her own proposal -- at leas
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. joining me is wisconsin congresswoman paul ryan. congresswoman, welcome back to "hannity." >> thanks for having me, sean. >> sean: respond to nancy pelosi. tax cuts don't create jobs, but tax increases will inhibit job creation. what does unemployment do? people are on unemployment two years. does that help create a single job? >> obviously no. that's no spending. we're not even talking about cutting taxes. we're talking about preventing tax increases. so she talks about the $700 billion in spending. it presumes that that's the government's money, unless it wants to b to give it back. they're preying on people's sense of envy and fear. this is not good economics. it might make good politics, but i don't think it does that. the election spelled the difference. it's the economic doctrine of saying, you're stuck in your station in life, and the government is here to cope you with it. we want everybody to be successful. more importantly we want jobs. raising taxes on job creators does not create jobs. >> sean: we're 29 days away, and everybody's taxes are going up. they didn't have the c
are also split on whether or not to support the bill. incoming house budget chair congressman paul ryan said the bill must pass one way or the other. >> this is better than the alternative. the alternative is a massive tax increase. there's a lot of stuff in here that i don't like. of this pack can the mass majority of republican tax policies. >> sean: not all share congressman ryan's position. michelle bachmann introduced legislation that would make the tax rates permanent while repealing death tax and gift tax and joins us to explain. welcome back. >> always great to see you, thanks. >> sean: you are against this legislation? you are going to vote against it? >> i will be voting it. again, the legislation is not paid for. the problem is spending that is not paid for that is adding to the deficit. it is an excess of 800 billion dollars. it also blows a hole in the social security trust financed of about 100 -- 110 billion dollars in addition to the 57 billion we will be paying out in unemployment benefits. >> sean: pence is against it, king, a lot of conservatives have come out it. i m
/3 would be real tough. myself and paul ryan are authors of the operational simplified tax. which would move us to an operational close to a flat tax. a two rate tax that's the kind of thing i think we should be moving towards, so we get away from this that we are getting into now. you are right permanent is the wrong term. if we don't have an expiration people will know there's no certain date at which their taxes are going to go up. that's the problem we face now. >> greta: the tax code is full, according to the debt commission, repleat with earmarks. they are not called earmarks everyone who has a will be buyist is able to get a particular thing put into the tax code. when is congress going to make it so people can understand it and get rid of the earmarks that help frankly, a lot of people who can afford lobbyists? >> i hope we do that in the next two years. we have the rates that driving a lot of jobs overseas. we should get rid of that. the same with the individual income tax. we can lower the rates to where the top rate would be 25% and raise the same revenue we are raising at 36
by leaders. the chairman and co-chairman were appointed by the president. it includes people like paul ryan, judge gray, tom coburn. it also features some allies of congressional leaders like javier burris sarah and labor leaders, like the former chairman of the seiu. host: it seems that a few of the numbers are accounted for. everyone else is either formally or informally moving in a direction. what do you know? guest: we know that at least five members have said they will vote against it. what that means is this will not pass. it will not advance. it will fall at least one vote short of the 14 that it would need to go to congress to get an up or down vote. that said, some of the proponents of the plan, kent conrad and others. -- and others, have said that a majority vote is a strong show. indeed, it may be even stronger than some conservatives have expected. and host: what seems to be interested -- host: what seems to be interesting is when you look at the breakdown of the members id seems to be house conservatives and senate conservatives. house conservatives saying a no vote, but the se
'm thinking ryan. >> paul ryan, amazing. >> the guy to empower america. the new guys. i had all thesis new guys on my radio show. this is a heck of a team. they're not all rookies either. >> paul ryan, yes, he -- >> let me ask a question about this team. maybe you can answer for me. let's lay out what this deal includes. you named some things. basically tax cut extensions for all americans, including the nation's top wage earners for the next two years, in addition the estate tax will be set at 35% for assets over $5 million, in exchange the president gets republican backing for 13 month renewal of jobless benefits and 2% reduction in social security payroll taxes. >> that's a republican win right there. >> that is. my question is because this team has been so vocal about paying for things and making sure we manage our fiscal health, what are the ideas in terms how to pay for this or is it okay to put it off, $900 billion, put it off? i take it you would think it's extremely important to pay for measures like this. how do we pay for it? what are good ideas? >> you can put it off a little b
and the republican representative. they went head to head. it was chris van holland and paul ryan. >> the house democrats are being portrayed as people who haven't adjusted to the post election reality that we don't want to cut any deal at all and there are some. there are some house democrats who will refuse to go along with any deal. most of us -- most of us understand we got to make some tough compromises. most of us agree with almost all of what the president negotiated. there is one thing that just was the choking point and that deals with the estate tax break. >> so if the democrats in the house scuttle this deal, that will be the first thing we do is prevent these job killing tax increases and we'll do it retroactively after the first of the year. >> van holland doesn't believe democrats will stand in the way of the house. if he gets to the senate, which is supposed to be. what's going to happen in the house? they're going to reform it a little bit and maybe offer a separate deal. they'll take 35% of what you earned because you're dead and because you've earned more than $5 million inst
these could get and divisions within there. you look at paul ryan said that he is talking about a hundred billion dollars in cuts and where do they come. and you know. >> well, the deficit commission came out saying we need to save 3.5 trillion dollars over the coming years, so that we can save half the deficit that we will have by 2020. and they couldn't get the votes. but if you read the document which i did, i thought that as a bipartisan document it was a remarkable document and for me, was a statement, a searing statement of truth. >> there's also this question that people are talking about and the president will be talking about this i think a lot next year. david brooks on this program said, you know, one of the great questions today which request be misleading is america's decline. and america's competitiveness, living in a world in which emerging nations which you focus on a bit now have growth rates that are triple our growth rates. >> that's crect. >> rose: what's the strategy to remain competitive? what's the strategy to say we recognize the new reality, but there's a way that
year. >> and what will be the big issues? >> budget, deficit. >> and paul ryan was going to propose a hundred billion dollars in cuts? >> and there's not a democratic leader in congress that's going to go along with that. that will let the bargaining begin. and it's difficult t will be very difficult for both sides because they had deadlines. they can't just practise over this because the junk resolution only continues, keeps the government going until march. they have a debt sealing they have to increase. i think there will be ferocious struggles over this. let's not forget there are about 85 new republican house members who are coming to washington next year. and they're not coming in the mood to compromise. they're not coming in the mood to sacrifice what they consider some of their sacred principals in order to get results. so you i think the environment is going to be quite different in two weeks. >> this is from lisa lara and laura litvan of bloomberg news coat 111th congress made more allows affecting more americans since the great society legislation of the 1960sment for the
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